Foundation & Company Philosophy

ALPELLAS S.A. was founded in 2012 as a result of the personal and professional relationship among some of  the founders of the new company and the founders of Italian maker of agricultural machinery ALPEGO SPA.

The summoned experience on the sales and operation of agricultural machinery in conjunction with the philosophy of ALPEGO SPA for continuous improvement and innovation in its products are the essential ingredients for the success of the company and the transmission of this knowledge to Greek farmers.

The main mission of the company is to promote and sell innovative agricultural machinery designed to bring off economical and efficient cultivation, which is essential for the survival of Greek agriculture in the global agricultural market nowadays.

Financial data 2014


ALPEGO S.P.A. is one of the first European makers of agricultural machinery – over 60 years of experience and study -, which was involved with the right preparation and cultivation of the soil. With the ranks of a powerful group of people with enthusiasm and vision under the guidance of brothers Pegoraro, the philosophy for continuous technological development, innovation, and reliability of its machines in the field has been what has established Alpego SPA in many markets around the world.

A key cultural element of the Italian company is the design and manufacture of innovative equipment designed to reduce the cost of production of the farmer, which is achieved in 2 ways:

1) Less, more economical and more efficiently passes in the field,
2) Cash and time profit, achieved through the reliability and less long-term damage to the Alpego machinery compared with the competition.

BARGAM S.p.A”, an italian company with more than 35 years in the history of agricultural industrialization is one of the most famous companies in terms of conception and manufacturing of innovative sprayers, sprung or sliding, as well as of nebulizers (turbines) . BARGAM S.p.A. remains at the forefront of technology through innovation and dynamism , coupled also with the professionalism and experience of its staff.

Since early 2014, ALPELLAS S.A. has added to its products range as well the precision pneumatic planters of the italian “MaterMacc S.p.A“.

MaterMacc S.p.A.” was founded in 1986 in Northern Italy and in less than 30 years of life the company has managed to declare a strong presence in key markets around the world , such as Russia, China , Europe and elsewhere . It manufactures precision pneumatic planters, mechanical grain seeders, pneumatic fertilizers etc. and is known for its innovations on the pneumatic precision seeders through various international patents.

“DCM” is an Italian maker of fertilizer spreaders from Northern Italy and is specialized – since the 70ies – in the design and construction of reliable spreaders for every cultivation in the open field and in vineyards as well.