“Alpellas S.A.” – Exclusive importer for MaterMacc S.p.A. for the Greek market

“Alpellas SA” is now the exclusive representative of  “MaterMacc SpA” for the Greek market.

While participating in the AGROTICA FAIR 2014 in Thessaloniki – where Alpellas successfully participated for the first time – Alpellas S.A. announced for the first time there the beginning of the collaboration with the famous Italian agricultural machinery firm “MaterMacc S.p.A”.

The Italian company “MaterMacc S.p.A.” was founded in 1986 and within less than 30 years of life, the company has managed to declare a strong presence in key markets around the world , such as Russia, China, Europe and elsewhere .. MaterMacc manufactures precision pneumatic planters , mechanical and pneumatic grain seeders, fertilizer spreaders etc. and is mainly known for its innovations on the precision pneumatic seeders achieved via various international patents.