Seeder JET-X



  • Large capacity hopper, (1400 liters)
  • Center of gravity closer to the tractor
  • Central volumetric metering unit
  • Distribution device outside the hopper
  • Sowing bar on the roller with quick linkage
  • Special sowing depth control
  • Central metering wheel with free wheel
  • Coulters on silent-blocks mounted in two rows


  • Hydraulic or mechanic fan
  • Works both with fi ne and thick seeds
  • Device for quickly emptying the hopper
  • Fast self-winding cover
  • Loading platform with folding ladder
  • Rear lights and plates
  • Legs for machine supporting
  • “Fast” coupling for Alpego implements
  • Sowing functions Computer to control: fan, metering unit, hectar counter and seed level


(adds to standard equipment)

  • Tram-line
  • Sowing functions Computer for managing: fan, metering unit, hectar counter and Tram-line

Super-Plus VERSION

(adds to plus equipment)

  • Metering unit with electric motor
  • Radar
  • Electronic sowing test. Allows changing of seeded quantities without acting on the metering unit
  • Possibility to change seeded quantities while sowing
  • Sowing functions Computer for managing: fan, metering unit, hectar counter, Tram-line and seeding management