Foundation & Company Philosophy

ALPELLAS S.A. was founded in 2012 as a result of the personal and professional relationship among some of  the founders of the new company and the founders of Italian maker of agricultural machinery ALPEGO SPA.

The summoned experience on the sales and operation of agricultural machinery in conjunction with the philosophy of ALPEGO SPA for continuous improvement and innovation in its products are the essential ingredients for the success of the company and the transmission of this knowledge to Greek farmers.

The main mission of the company is to promote and sell innovative agricultural machinery designed to bring off economical and efficient cultivation, which is essential for the survival of Greek agriculture in the global agricultural market nowadays.

Financial data 2014


1) ALPEGO S.P.A. is one of the first European makers of agricultural machinery – over 60 years of experience and study -, which was involved with the right preparation and cultivation of the soil. With the ranks of a powerful group of people with enthusiasm and vision under the guidance of brothers Pegoraro, the philosophy for continuous technological development, innovation, and reliability of its machines in the field has been what has established Alpego SPA in many markets around the world.

A key cultural element of the Italian company is the design and manufacture of innovative equipment designed to reduce the cost of production of the farmer, which is achieved in 2 ways:

1) Less, more economical and more efficiently passes in the field,
2) Cash and time profit, achieved through the reliability and less long-term damage to the Alpego machinery compared with the competition.

2) “DCM” is an Italian maker of fertilizer spreaders from Northern Italy and is specialized – since the 70ies – in the design and construction of reliable spreaders for every cultivation in the open field and in vineyards as well.

3) The Caffini company was founded in 1924 in Palù, in the region of Verona, by Giovanni Battista Caffini. We are in the Po valley, in an area devoted to the cultivation of cereals, tobacco, fruits (apples, pears, peaches) and wine yards. The historical context is the development of the first major agricultural mechanisation in Italy. At the beginning the core business of the Company was the repair of agricultural equipment as workshop, followed by the construction of trailers and other equipment for working the soil.

A further evolution took place in the 80s, when the third generation with Roberto, Gerardo and Valeria Caffini, gradually joined the company bringing new ideas and starting first with the production of mist-blower sprayers and, starting from the 90s, with the production of boom sprayers for treatments in the open field.

Sales, at first only in the local area, have developed at a national and international level, bringing the brand Caffini to be known and appreciated throughout the world for its quality, innovation and customer care.

Since 1993 the Company, while maintaining the total family property, became Caffini Spa limited company and since 2003 it is certified by quality management system ISO9001: 2008
Over these 90 years of experience, spirit of innovation, tenacity and passion have turned this family-run business in a Company specialised in the production of machinery for crop protection that is appreciated at international level.

Today Caffini S.p.A. continues to invest in the production and development of new solutions and technologies to simplify the work of modern farmers, paying a special attention to safety and environmental protection, consolidating a solid foundation for the future.

4) Mascar S.p.a. is a manufacturer specialized on Haying and Seeding fields, producing a complete range of round balers, wrappers, pneumatic and mechanical planters.

In our two factories, located few meters far from each other, on a total surface of 27.000 sqm. we produce the 95% of our equipment granting a high quality control on all the machine’s parts: assembly, laser cut, bending and welding tools, painting station and automatization of spare parts warehouse make our product trustable and reduce our lead time for a great satisfaction of our customers. Our engineering team are studying daily how to increase the field performances of our products, looking at the last technology on both environmental impact and time saving. Today our company exports 80% of its turnover in more than 35 foreign countries.